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Community Homebound Assistance


Friendship, Concern, and

Help in finding the community resources you need.    

Whether you are caring for a sick loved one, are ill yourself, or are aging in place—no matter why you are staying close to home—the information we've gathered may help you. We hope that what we've put together is accurate, but if you find anything that should be changed or added, please let us know. We'd like to have this information be as complete and accurate as possible.

What needs to be done first?

As soon as you realize that you or someone close to you will be requiring more help, you need to act quickly to make sure that all official documents are in order. You probably already have a Durable Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Power of Attorney and/or a Living Will. If not, execute these documents immediately. If you already have them, find them and read them carefully to be sure that they are up to date. Visit your lawyer if you need to make changes or are not sure you understand whether the documents really say what you want them to.

Now that the legal documents are in order, what next?

Does the patient have a long-term care insurance policy? If so, it’s time to get it out and read it carefully, all of it, especially the fine print. If there are things you don’t understand, phone the insurance company for an explanation. It is very important that the patient and/or a caregiver understand thoroughly just what the policy provides and how to implement it. It is usually wise to begin using long-term care insurance just as soon as as the patient qualifies for even a little help. If you think that the patient qualifies for the long-term care help, gather any forms that will need your health care provider’s certification and signature.

Is the patient a veteran? If so, forget anything negative that you’ve heard about the VA and go quickly to the Historic Courthouse in Laurens to visit the Office of Veterans Affairs. All staff members there are knowledgeable and compassionate, ready and able to help. You need to get to know them.  

Phone: 864-984-4041  Office Hours: 9 am-5 pm Mon-Fri

If the patient qualifies for veteran’s home care benefits, gather any forms that will need your health care provider’s certification and signature. Now you are ready to visit your health-care provider to discuss the patient’s needs. Your health care professional is the person to sign long-term care insurance forms, as well as forms for veteran’s benefits and who will authorize and oversee Medicare Home Health Care.

If the patient is on Medicare? you can find out what to expect by looking in the Medicare & You booklet on pages 38 and 57 in the 2016 edition. For even more detailed information, you may want to look at, maybe even print off, the brochure entitled Medicare and Home

Health Care: https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/10969.pdf

Does the patient have limited resources? If so, check to see if if the patient qualifies for Medicaid, as well as veteran’s benefits. Medicaid is an insurance program that pays for health care services for some people with low incomes. Medicaid may pay for doctor and hospital visits, medicines, hospice services, home health aides, nursing homes, and other services. Rules for Medicaid are complex. You need to make an appointment and go talk to someone at the local office at 93 Human Services Road, Clinton. Phone: 864-833-6109

What organizations can help?


The Alzheimer's Association offers educational literature, referrals to helpful community resources, and personal care consultation to help those with Alzheimer’s and their families, including early stage dementia programs. Call the 24-Hour Helpline at 800-272-3900 for information.

Caregiver Support Groups help caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s cope and better understand the disease process. When arranged in advance, the group can pay for a sitter to help family caregivers attend meetings up to twice a month. A group meets at Presbyterian Home, 802 Musgrove St., in Clinton. For meeting times, call Debbie Johnson at 864-939-0747. A group in Laurens meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 3-4 pm at the Assisting Angels Homecare Office, 123 East Laurens Street. Call Lisa Yarber at  864-681-1123 for information.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers financial assistance to help family caregivers attend an Association program or event. If a no-cost, in-home patient sitter is needed so that the caregiver can attend a monthly support group meeting, education program, or Alzheimer’s Association event such as Walk to End Alzheimer’s, please call 800-272-3900 at least two weeks in advance of event you wish to attend.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Respite Program can provide financial assistance to give dementia caregivers a break by helping them arrange short-term care through a $500 per year voucher (July 1-June 30 year). Call 864-250-0029 at the South Carolina chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for an application. The voucher is in addition to the financial aid offered to caregivers to attend support group meetings.


Your best resource is the Laurens County Cancer Association, which offers services at no charge to Laurens County residents battling cancer, as well as to their caregivers. Cancer support services provided regardless of income level include “nutritional supplements, gas cards, breast prosthesis, wigs, and medical equipment.” The Wings of Hope Support Group meets the 3rd Tues of the month at 5:30 pm at the Laurens County Cancer Association Office:

1337 Medical Ridge Rd. Phone 864-833-3976 for more information.
Office hours: Tues and Thurs 10 am-noon  Email: lccancerassoc@gmail.com                                             
Website: http://www.hopeincommunity.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurensCountyCancerAssociation.
All donations remain in Laurens County. Send donations to LCCA, P.O. Box 6, Clinton, SC 29325.


Vehicle Modification 864-984-0355 · Laurens Co. DSN Board, Laurens. Transportation may be provided or purchased in order that persons receive services. Call 1-866-867-3864 toll-free for an eligibility screening. Intake Requirements: Birth Record, Health Insurance Card(s), Medical History. Applicants for services must have a documented head injury (traumatic brain injury), spinal cord injury, or a similar disability.

Assistive Technology Expenses (Equipment Expenses)
864-984-0355 · Laurens Co. DSN Board, Laurens
This service is funded through the Head and Spinal Cord Injury Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver.


What are the options for care beyond what the family can provide?


If the care receiver needs in-home medical care, those needs are usually provided by the VA, Medicare, or Medicaid. But if the need is for personal care and companionship, you have two options. You can hire independently or you can use an agency.

You can hire independently relying on recommendations of friends and associates, maybe even responding to newspaper ads. You and your chosen caregiver negotiate prices, hours, responsibilities, etc.; and you must verify that your employee is a United States citizen. Also, you will need to be sure that you have appropriate liability insurance. The current South Carolina minimum wage is $7.25, but you will probably want to pay more to get dependable help. Carefully keep all financial records, paying by check instead of cash if possible.

If you pay wages of $1,000 or more in any calendar quarter for domestic services, you must pay both federal and state unemployment taxes. Furthermore, South Carolina will consider that you have become a small business. In order to register as a domestic small business, you first need a federal id number. You can apply on line here:


Next you need to fill out and submit this South Carolina form:
These sites can help you identify other relevant South Carolina forms and information:
Be aware that for any year in which you have liability as a small business, South Carolina will want wage reports from all four quarters even if you paid less than $1000 in one or more.

You will probably want to hire a knowledgeable tax advisor to help you with the complex South Carolina employer regulations.

If you pay wages of $2,000 or more in 2016 to any one household employee, the federal government will expect you to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for that employee. The wage figure will probably change for 2017 and thereafter
The links below may help you figure out more about your tax obligations


If you want to search more on-line, the term Nanny Tax is most useful.

An agency will charge higher hourly rates, maybe up to $20/hour, and will have a minimum number of hours/day, but the agency takes care of vetting and overseeing its caregivers and of paying all necessary insurance and taxes. You don’t have to worry about any of that. Through agencies you can hire in-home care professionals to provide temporary short-term care for a person in his/her own home on a one-time or occasional basis to give relief to the main caregiver. The caregiver helps with light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping, errands, and home management chores to allow the client to live as independently as possible. A caregiver can drive a patient home from the hospital, to the pharmacy, and to doctor’s appointments. Most agencies have a help-line available 24 hours a day. Many of the caregivers sent by agencies will be CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants).

Agencies highly recommended by members of First Presbyterian’s congregation include the following:

Assisting Angels, Inc. 864-681-1123
123 East Laurens Street, Laurens  http://www.assistingangels.com/

FirstLight HomeCare Of Greenville, SC  (864) 326-9600
25 Woods Lake Rd., Suite 300, Greenville, SC 29607


Adult Day Healthcare service provided by the Piedmont Agency on Aging 864-938-0572 (ext 8165) is a medical program with supervised activities and therapies based on an individualized physician's plan of care. Staff, complete with a registered nurse, are available 8 am to 1:30 pm. Breakfast, snacks, and a hot lunch are provided Monday to Friday with group activities and outings. Transportation can be provided.


If you are a caregiver, you might also consider a respite stay when you need a break — whether it’s for work, a vacation, or just a much-needed breather — and you don’t want to leave a care receiver who is not fully independent. Barbara Wright, Family Caregiver Advocate from the Lt. Governor’s Office, Upper Savannah Council of Governments’ Office on aging can provide a voucher for a senior individual who lives alone and a respite voucher for a break for a caregiver. Call -800-922-7729 or 864-941-8067 (direct line) or e-mail  bwright@uppersavannah.com

These local institutions offer respite care:
Clinton Presbyterian Community 801 Musgrove St, Clinton  Phone: 864-833-5190 for short stays

Bailey Manor 300 Jacobs Hwy, Clinton 864-833-3425

Langston House  939 Springdale Rd, Clinton  Phone:  864-833-0338
Respite care of less than 30 days providing  assistance before returning home after a hospital stay, rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement, or a place to stay when an emergency has made your home unsafe or uninhabitable

National Healthcare  304 Jacobs Highway, Clinton Phone: 864-833-2550


Qualified individuals may also receive supplemental services such as construction of a ramp. See




United Ministries 500 Academy St., Clinton 864-938-9070 Food Bank: Tues and Thurs 1 pm to 3 pm, Financial Assistance: Mon and Wed 8:30 am-11:30 am

Piedmont Agency on Aging: Lunch is served Monday through Friday at the Senior Center at 512 Professional Park Rd., Clinton. Call 864-938-0572 for information on this Diner’s Club program. The program offers food and fellowship each weekday from 9 am-12:30 pm. Speakers, musical performances, games, and activities are provided as well as the meal. Transportation is available if needed free of charge or for a minimal donation. Laurens County residents age 60 (55 for some services) and older may receive services. Spouses under 60 and dependents with disabilities may also be eligible.

Home delivery: On Wednesdays Meals on Wheels delivers seven balanced, nutritious frozen meals to the homes of those who cannot cook for themselves, have no one to cook for them, and are not able to leave home unassisted. Phone: 864-938-0572

Food Stamps
Phone: 864-833-0100  93 Human Services Drive, Clinton, SC, 29325
The Food Stamp program provides funds to individuals and families to help with the cost of food. In South Carolina, Food stamps are issued using Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). Recipients are given a card that works like a debit card. The South Carolina Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP) is designed to reinvent the Food Stamp Program process for elderly households who have traditionally proven to be our most stable population, on fixed income, with few reportable changes in household composition.

Bi-Lo of Clinton will fill grocery store orders if a customer calls ahead or leaves order for later
pickup. Phone: 864-833-7339

Fatz is willing to deliver within the city limits when one of their certified drivers is on duty. The manager suggests phoning well ahead so that he can try to secure a driver. A gratuity of at least 15% would be expected. Phone: 833-5280                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                  Great Taste Asian Food (Chinese and Thai) will deliver an order of $15 or more. There is an additional $2 delivery charge. Phone: 833-0422

Most pizza restaurants will deliver.


Clinton Discount Pharmacy will deliver to regular customers. Phone: 864-387-7151

Sadler-Hughes Apothecary will deliver to customers unable to come into the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Phone: 864-833-4000


If you will need a ride to the Sunday service at First Presbyterian Church of Clinton, phone the church office: 864-833-1062.

Piedmont Agency on Aging in Clinton can provide transportation to those who are over the age of 60 to doctors’ appointments, the grocery store, the pharmacy, or Wal-Mart. Phone: 864-938-0572 ext 8159 or 864-984-2438

Disability Parking Tags
Phone: 864-682-3213   390 Fairgrounds Road, Laurens
The DMV provides disability placards and/or license plates for individuals with specific disabilities. A vehicle displaying a disabled placard with photo or license plate may park in a designated space if/when that vehicle is being driven by or is transporting the person with disabilities whose name appears on the placard certificate or license plate registration certificate. In addition, a vehicle displaying a disabled placard or license plate is exempt from the payment of municipal parking meter fees. A person with disabilities can obtain and submit a Disabled Placard and License Plate Application Form RG-007A Form RG-007A, Disabled Placard and License Plate Application at any DMV branch office or on the SCDMV website. A licensed physician must certify the applicant’s disability on the form and attach a signed, legible prescription order for the placard or plate. Eligible physical/medical conditions are listed on the application form. Vehicle owners with disability license plates must also carry registration certificates that list the names of all eligible persons with a disability in their household that operate or may be transported in the vehicle. When customers renew their disability license plate, they will receive a license plate and registration certificate.
Disability Placard and Plate Fact Sheet http://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/general/Disabled%20Placard%20and%20Plate%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf



Clinton Presbyterian Community  801 Musgrove St., Clinton 864-833-5190

Bailey Manor 300 Jacobs Hwy, Clinton 864-833-3425

Langston House  939 Springdale Rd, Clinton 864-833-0338

Martha Franks Retirement Center 1 Martha Franks Dr. Laurens 864-984-4541

Bailey Manor 300 Jacobs Hwy, Clinton 864-833-3425


Hospice of Laurens County 864-833-6287 1304 Springdale Drive, Clinton
This not-for-profit organization cares for all patients and their families and loved one regardless of their ability to pay. They offer in-home and in-patient hospice care. Hospice House in Clinton provides areas for the patient and the family to spend their final months, weeks, days or even hours together. Hospice of Laurens County provides medication needed for pain and symptom management related to the terminal illness, as well as supplies and medical equipment such as hospital beds and oxygen when needed for comfort care.

For profit
Caris HealthCare, L.P. is a hospice provider at NHC HealthCare, Clinton. Caris offers “high-quality, compassionate care at the end of life through a team oriented approach to care that includes: expert medical care, pain and symptom management, and a plan of care that is customized to meet patient and family needs.”



Adult Protection Services (Elder Abuse) 93 Human Services Drive, Clinton Phone: 864-833-0100
Adult Protective Services are provided for seniors and people with disabilities, who are at least 18 years old and are victims of actual or potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The mistreatment may be caused by others or self.

Good source of clothing for adults with disabilities or handicaps: www.buckandbuck.com
Good source for incontinence products: NorthShoreSupply. Get the best price at Amazon.com.



South Carolina Senior Citizens’ Handbook A Guide to Laws and Programs Affecting Senior Citizens
seems to be a good, comprehensive resource, but since it was published in 2012, double check any information on which you are basing an important decision.


According to the he South Carolina Bar Public Services Division and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging

“South Carolina and federal law give all competent adults, 18 years or older, the right to make their own health care decisions, including the right to decide what medical care or treatment to accept, reject or discontinue. If you do not want to receive certain types of treatment or you wish to name someone to make health care decisions for you, you have the right to make these desires known to your doctor, hospital or other health care providers, and in general, have these rights respected.”

Websites such as these may help as you are thinking about these decisions:
Advance Directives, Living Wills and Health Care Power of Attorney
Living Will in English (small pdf)  
Health Care Power of Attorney in English (small pdf)
Durable Power of Attorney  http://powerofattorney.com/south-carolina/


Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging http://aging.sc.gov/programs

Piedmont Agency on Aging 938-0572 ext 8159: local resources for senior citizens

Upper Savannah Council on Aging coordinates services for older adults
 http://www.uppersavannah.com/area.asp 864-941-8050 or 800-922-7729

AARP-South Carolina 866-389-5655
AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center: www.aarp.org/caregiving

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