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Inclement Weather Policy

First Presbyterian Church
Clinton, SC
Inclement Weather Policy


In the case of inclement weather on Saturday or Sunday the Pastor, the Chair of the Administration Committee, the Chair of the Property Committee, and the chair of the Worship Committee will decide if Sunday church activities will be cancelled. Church activities include Church School, Worship, Youth Choirs, Youth Supper and Fellowship, along with any scheduled meetings or programs.

In the case of inclement weather Monday through Friday, the church will follow the School District 56 closing decisions concerning the church office and all scheduled meetings or activities.


When severe weather is forecast, the Chair of the Administration Committee should contact the Pastor and the Chairs of Property and Worship to begin planning for possible closings. Once the decision is made to cancel activities, the following notification procedure will apply. The decision should be made to allow reasonable time to notify staff, Security Elder (on Sunday), and the congregation.
April 11, 2016


1. Chair of Administration will notify the DCE, the Clerk of Session, Music Director, Communications Director and Church Secretary.
2. Chair of Property will be responsible for setting/resetting HVAC.
3. DCE will notify all church school leaders and teachers including nursery attendants.
4. The church secretary will change the greeting on the automated attendant to let callers know of cancellations.
5. The Communications Director will post cancellations on the website, Facebook, local TV stations, and text/email members of the congregation.
6. Clerk of Session will notify the security usher.
7. Music Director will notify Organist and any accompaniment.


If any of the above cannot be reached, those available will divide their notification duty.
The church secretary will maintain and provide contact information for those involved in the notification process.

Members of the congregation should notify the church office if they would like to be notified by text of any church activity cancellations.

Last Published: January 5, 2017 5:25 PM
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